Dachträger Handirack

Aufpumpbarer Dachträger für mehrere SUP´s zu transportieren.
99,00 €
Inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten
Verfügbarkeit: An Lager im SUPstore Köln-Wahn.
Lieferdauer: 1-2 Werktage
Technische Angaben
SUPstore-Fazit Wer mehr als ein Stand up paddle Board mit einem "Softrack" (transportabler, faltbarer Dachgepäckträger) transportieren will-braucht dieses System. Nur damit bleibt beim Mietauto das Dach "heile"....
Artikelbeschreibung Dachträgersystem für alle PKW und Kombis-ideal für den Einsatz an Mietwagen im Urlaub. Kleines Packmaß (30 x 20cm). Die Gurte werden bei geöffneten Autotüren durchgezogen und gespannt, die Auflage auf dem Autodach wird aufgepumpt. So kann man wunderbar Stand up paddel Boards (auch Inflatables im Aufgepumpten Zustand) perfekt transportieren. Lieferung mit 2 x Spanngurten zum festzurren der Boards.
The HandiRack is a truly brilliant solution. This is a totally unique, multi-purpose, portable load carrier for the car that can be fitted and removed in just a matter of minutes. The HandiRack comes in just one size and fits most 2, 3, 4 and 5-door cars.To see the HandiRack in action, please watch the video in the video library above:It’s perfect for holidays and for those who enjoy the outdoor life, adventure sports and traveling. It is designed to be a temporary solution for transporting leisure equipment, holiday luggage or simply a piece of flat pack furniture. Needless to say, it is far more convenient, cost effective (it is interchangeable between vehicles) and practical than a conventional roof rack system.The HandiRack is the ideal solution when space in the car is at a premium, especially when used in combination with the HandiHoldall - HandiWorld's 320 litre waterproof easy to store, foldable roof bag. At the end of a journey the HandiRack is simply deflated, stored in its travel drawstring bag and placed in the boot of the car pending further use. The HandiRack is immensely strong, totally safe and couldn't be easier to assemble. The straps pass through the car doors and the bars inflate in a matter of seconds using the supplied HandiPump. Two 3 metre HandiStraps are also supplied for securing loads to the 5 'D' ring anchor points located on each HandiRack.The HandiRack can carry loads of up to 80kg (subject to individual vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations) and is suitable for most cars (with the exception of convertibles and cabriolets).
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